Is Chalk Paint Waterproof?

Chalk paint is becoming more popular for covering furniture and decorating homes because it has a unique, smooth texture and sticks to almost any surface. 

Chalk paint is a top pick for DIY painting jobs around the house. DIYers often ask how chalk paint reacts to moisture, and wonder, is chalk paint waterproof? Chalk paint is water-resistant; moreover, it will wash off with rainwater. 

In this article, you’ll find out if chalk paint can stand up to the high levels of moisture found outdoors, in bathrooms, and in kitchens. 

We will help you learn about chalk paint, how it holds against water, and how you can make it water-resistant.

Understanding Chalk Paint

Chalk paint is different from other paints because it is porous and has a rough texture. It also has a matte finish. Its ability to stick to surfaces without sanding or priming makes it a popular choice for many home improvement and furniture-making projects. 

It’s easy to make chalk paint look old and charming by distressing it. When the paint dries, it forms a hard, long-lasting surface that you can protect and seal even more with a layer of wax or varnish.

Keep in mind that chalk paint is not chalkboard paint, which is another popular specialty product that you can use to turn any surface into a blackboard that can be written on and cleaned with regular chalk. 

Chalk paint is more like regular wall paint except that it has a different luster. Don’t be tempted to draw on your chalk paint because it could ruin the finish.

Classes of Chalk Paint

Chalk paint comes in various kinds. However, two main types of chalk paints are popular amongst DIY users and home decor enthusiasts. These two classes of chalk paints include:

Chalk Spray Paint

This type of chalk paint is a great choice if you want to show off your work quickly because it dries much quicker than ordinary chalk paint. By doing so, you will save time while painting.

Also, you can paint places that are hard to reach with chalk spray paint that you can’t with a brush or roller.

Using chalk spray paint instead of the usual chalk paint has a lot of upsides. Some of these benefits are:

  • It gives furniture and surfaces outstanding coverage
  • It provides a flat impenetrable finish
  • Chalk spray paint makes it easy to cover surfaces of inaccessible areas
  • It saves time and energy since it is super easy to use
  • It is perfect for small surfaces as it gives a sleek and even finish
  • Chalk spray paint eliminates the need for refinishing

The use of chalk spray paint is not without its drawbacks. Here are a few of them:

  • It doesn’t work well with large surfaces and would require the use of more paint
  • Chalk spray paint has a strong smell

Acrylic Chalk Paint

In acrylic chalk paint, a special type of adhesive is used as the binder. This gives the paint a chalky, matte finish. It is known for being flexible and easy to use, which makes it a popular choice for repurposing furniture and other home decorating projects. 

Unlike traditional chalk paint, acrylic chalk paint often does not need to be prepared, dries quickly, and can be used on various materials, like wood, metal, glass, ceramic, and more. 

Because it usually dissolves in water, it can be easily worn down and layered to give it a unique, old look.

There are benefits and drawbacks to using chalk acrylic paint, as well. Some of the benefits of acrylic chalk paint include the following:

  • The acrylic base makes it dry quickly
  • You can make use of freshly painted surfaces almost immediately after painting
  • Paints large surfaces effectively

Here are some disadvantages of acrylic chalk paint:

  • The manual application makes it time-consuming
  • Poor coverage makes it difficult to cover narrow surface areas effectively

Waterproof Vs. Water Resistant

A waterproof item is not the same as one that is water-resistant. 

The term “waterproof” refers to an item’s resistance to moisture. If something is waterproof, water cannot get into it at all. This makes it perfect for situations where that level of protection is needed.

Instead of being completely waterproof, a water-resistant material only shows small signs of damage from rain or humidity. Water-resistant materials may keep water out for a while, but water will find a way in if they stay in the rain for too long or are under too much pressure.

To sum up, something is waterproof if water cannot get through it, while something is water-resistant if it has some level of resistance to the impact of water.

Chalk Paint: Waterproof or Water Resistant?

No, chalk paint is not waterproof. If you do not seal it first, avoid using it on a surface that will always be in contact with water. Still, there is hope. Chalk paint does not chip or peel easily, despite its name. A little bit of water on the floor or table won’t hurt anything.

Water cannot ruin chalk paint. Exposure to water necessitates the use of a varnish sealer. In other words, ensure that you store the paint in a dry area. 

You might think you cannot use chalk paint outside because it does not stand up to the weather. But you are wrong about that. Even though chalk paint is not waterproof, you can still use it outside. You can use it on yard benches and tables that you put outside and apply a sealant to help them last longer.

How to Waterproof Chalk Paint

Although chalk paint is water-resistant, there are ways to make it completely waterproof and suitable for outdoor use. Here are two effective methods to make chalk paint completely waterproof:

  • Using Wax

When talking about wax, it’s important to remember that it’s only useful in arid environments. Even though raindrops will still land on chalk paint, a wax coating will help protect them. 

Also, wax is a better way to protect against heat and ultraviolet light than acrylic sealants, which do not always work as well.

If you live in a wet area for more than a few months of the year, you should probably use an acrylic sealant. Also, if you want to use wax, the best product to use is one that you spray on.

  • Acrylic Cover

After the chalk paint has dried, the quickest, easiest, and most affordable way to make it watertight is to apply an acrylic sealant. Some brands of this sealer recommend applying two coats over chalk paint, but you may only need to apply one. 

Conclusion: Is Chalk Paint Waterproof?

Whether chalk paint is waterproof or not is a debatable topic. To begin, you should know that there is a distinction between a waterproof and a water-resistant item. 

Chalk paint can withstand some moisture, but it is not waterproof. Although chalk paint can withstand some moisture, it is not completely impermeable. Still, you can use it to paint outdoor furniture.

However, there are ways to make chalk paint water-resistant, such as using wax or an acrylic sealant.

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