5 Best Paint Brushes for Edging

Painting is fun if you have the right tools, and a paintbrush is crucial to getting satisfactory results. While painting straight walls is easy, coloring the edges can be tricky. You’ll need a different brush for such work — here are five of the best paint brushes for edging.

Wooster Brush Q3211-2 Shortcut Angle Sash Paintbrush

If you plan to own a paintbrush that will last for a long time, you should go for the Wooster Brush Q3211-2. Apart from its durability, this brush only requires a little water to get soft, so you don’t have to use acetone to soften it.

Since this brush has a comfortable handle, you can use it to paint for an extended period without feeling pain in your hand. Moreover, it is lightweight and compact, won’t cost a lot, and provides a smooth finish.


This brush adds maneuverability when you want to paint tight spaces because of its two inches of length. The blend of gold polyester and white nylon makes this paintbrush suitable for all paints.

Its steel ferrule is covered with a brass plate and is slightly softer to hold. Its covers illustrate the proper holding position, making it easy to use the brush.


  • Rubber grip over wood parts
  • Easily fits in a zip-lock bag
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Perfect size for trim work


  • It might rust and decolor quickly

Purdy 144080220 Nylox Series Dale Angular Trim Paint Brush

If you are interested in making your final touches look like art, this Purdy Nylox is one of the best paint brushes for edging. Its long handle allows you to paint even the deep edges that a short brush can’t reach. Despite its long handle, the manufacturers have adjusted the overall weight so well that you won’t feel the burden of holding the handle from the edge. This brush works best for interior projects using latex paints.


Because it is made of stainless steel, there is no need to be concerned about rust covering its steel frame. You can use it for many hours without worrying about depreciation. On the other hand, its natural hardwood handle keeps the grip tight, so the brush won’t slip from your hands. It is slightly more expensive than other brushes, but the value it provides makes it a preferable option.


  • Soft brush, great for trim work
  • The most sought-after 2.5-inch version
  • Smooth glass-like finish
  • No brush lines


  • Only suitable for latex paints

Shur-Line 2006559 Edger Plus Premium Paint Edger

A slim brush is excellent, as you can easily access the tricky spots. However, if you want to cover more areas in less time, a slim brush will take hours to finish. One of the best things about this brush is that you can attach a handle to make it easier to reach deeper edges. This is where Shur-Line 2006559 shines, allowing you to paint a more extensive space without ruining the finish.


Shur-Line 2006559 is more suitable for people with poor painting skills. Since this brush has two guide wheels to keep the edges straight, the finish will look clean and professional. You can also swivel and pivot the brush for easier access and control, making things more convenient as you paint around the edges. The woven pads help keep the lines straight and smooth, plus you can get two spare pads included if you purchase the entire package.


  • More efficient painting brush
  • Best for clean trimming around windows
  • Handle attaches to threaded extension poles
  • It makes your job easier


  • Plastic attachments will break more easily

Wooster Brush 4153-2 Extra-Firm Lindbeck Angle Sash Paintbrush2

If you are looking for an all-purpose paint brush that works with all types of paint, the Wooster Brush 4153-2 is an ideal option. Instead of keeping the threads white, this brush comes with black and purple nylon. However, the handle is not smooth, which keeps the grip firm but leaves some debris on your hand.


This Wooster Brush is best for thick coatings, especially when you want a smooth and pleasant finish with thick coats. Because it has a strong grip, you can put pressure on it without worrying that it will slip. On the other hand, the handle is sturdy, so it won’t break even if you apply lots of pressure. Also, the stainless steel ferrule will last for years, giving you more value — something that’s often underappreciated when considering paint brushes for edging.


  • Sealed maple wood handle
  • Round rust-resistant steel ferrule
  • Provides superior stiffness retention
  • Extreme control for reliable results


  • It is not suitable for hours of continuous use

Purdy 144152125 Clearcut Series Glide Angular Trim Paint Brush

We saved the longest trim brush for last. This brush measures 2.5 inches, so you can easily cover more area and tackle tricky edges. Also, you can use this brush with any type of paint; just ensure you clean it after use so the nylon doesn’t get hard. You don’t have to worry about the cost of expensive cleaning agents because cleaning is simple. Moreover, it is handcrafted in the USA, giving you superior quality and control.


You’ll first notice its natural hardwood handle with a solid but soft feel. You can use this brush for hours without numbing your hands. It has a firm grip to hold the brush without extra pressure. Its stainless steel ferrule has a round edge, keeping your hands safe when painting with speed.


  • Superior cutting-in capability
  • Best for quick and easy cleanup
  • Suitable with all paints
  • Angular trim and fluted


  • Hard bristles

Buying Guidelines When Choosing Paint Brushes for Edging

You should think about the following points when choosing your paintbrush for edging:

  • Soft but Subtle Grip

Painting requires hours of work, and a brush that needs a hard grip can leave cramps in your hands. Since such brushes have a thin handle, they must be soft to provide comfort for extended work.

  • Easy to Clean

Check that the brush you buy is easy to clean and that the threads will not harden so that you can use it immediately.

  • Suitable for All Paints

Since there is no guarantee of what paint you’ll use, getting a paintbrush that works with all types of paint is usually a better option. Use the appropriate brush if you only want to use one type of paint.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Are paintbrushes for edges the same as regular ones?

No, paintbrushes for edges are different than your regular ones. They’ll be angular in shape, with a smooth, clean finish. Also, they will be small and light, with a long handle that lets you get to the hardest-to-reach places.

2. Does a trim paintbrush paint without brush marks?

That depends on how slowly and cleanly you work with the brush. Take some time and practice on a plain surface before painting the walls. Also, you’ll get an idea of how to get the job done without brush marks.

Final Words

With our choice of paint brushes for edging, the results on your walls will look clean and professional. However, if this is your first time painting edges, we recommend getting the Shur-Line 2006559 paintbrush because of its convenience and ease of use for new painters.

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